Calculating Accident-Related Damages For Brain Injuries

While that may seem like an odd question to ask, you need to know the answer to it (the question) if you have ever been involved in a car accident and suffered from a brain concussion or any other form of brain injury. You can indeed calculate the true economic costs of a brain injury. You just need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

You may get the most amount of money if you don’t go to court

While it may seem strange and counter intuitive, after all, don’t you get the greatest settlement by actually going to court, it is actually very practical. The bitter truth, as your personal injury lawyer in Santa Clara or Pittsburg knows all too well is that most car accident personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court because going to court is a lengthy, difficult, and expensive process. These factors may reduce the amount of money you may get to keep from a settlement that is arrived at in court.

Well, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ settlement option in California’s law. A settlement has its share of problems. These include:

● Failure to account for the real economic/monetary cost of future legal bills
● Failure to completely calculate real and true medical costs
● You mistakenly think that the defendant’s insurance company is on your side. No, the insurance adjuster from the defendant is acting nicely with you now to avoid paying a larger settlement in court.

Needless to say, because of the nature of most brain injuries sustained in a car accident (or other personal injury accident), you always need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you obtain the fairest settlement possible.

Brain injury damages

You can collect the following monetary damages for a brain injury:
● Special damages – these are damages that are awarded when the money awarded is enough to cover all of your economic losses. These include:
○ Lost wages
○ Current and future medical expenses
○ Property damage
● General damages – these are damages, whose monetary values are not enough to cover all of your economic losses. These include:
○ Pain and suffering
○ Loss of companionship
○ Embarrassment
○ Mental anguish
○ Emotional distress

How do you calculate the damages?

You and your personal injury lawyer use a simple and straightforward formula for calculating special damages. You add up existing and future medical bills and lost wages and use that number as the requested settlement amount. You will need to include your doctor’s notes and evaluations for general damages because they are harder to quantify and calculate.You can win the settlement you want, need, and deserve from your brain injuries, if you hire the right personal injury lawyer.

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