How Can Truck Driver Sleep Habits Increase The Risks of Car Accidents?

There are some occupations that require less of a regular sleeping pattern. One of these occupations is tractor trailer driving. With schedules having the driver on the road for long period of time in order to meet deadlines, it’s easy for a driver to become tired and when that happens, it is easy for mistakes to happen. The consistent sound of the humming of the roads and the long periods of driving steady with no break, in some cases – ten hours, it is easy to make mistakes or even fall asleep behind the wheel. This type of career can not only put the driver at risk, but also others who happen to be on the road at the time.

Where Truck Drivers Sleep

You have most likely driven on the road for long periods of time at some point or another; maybe you were going on a vacation or maybe you had to drive to a family occasion. The roads try to make it more trucker friendly by adding truck stops, rest areas, and even on/off ramps to ensure that a driver can pull off safely if they need to. Some drivers don’t realize just how tired they are until it is too late.

Some truckers are prepared for the long haul by driving expensive trucks that provide an extension to its cabin so they can sleep when they get tired. They can simply pull over at a truck stop and crawl into bed and go to sleep. This sleeping quarter is normally located behind the drivers and passengers’ seats and can be as large as a mattress. While the space to sleep is sometimes small, it is comforting to a driver who has been on the road for hours and has become tired. This option cuts down the expense of finding a hotel room.

When Truck Drivers Sleep

Everyone needs sleep in order to be healthy and just to function at a normal pace. When you don’t get sleep, the body can become uncapable of functioning without error. Sleep deficiency long term can also cause health problems and can cause the brain to function at a slower pace.

Like everyone else, truck drivers are aware of the necessity to sleep. Unfortunately, if they choose to drive on the road, they are going to be making long hauls, spending hours in the cab of a truck instead of the normal 9-5 job like many others. Its their responsibility to make safe decisions while they are on the road as well.

Injured By a Drowsy Truck Driver?

A tractor trailer accident can occur just as quick as any other type of accident. When it happens, injuries can be more severe due to the size of the tractor trailer versus the other vehicle. One wrong move, hesitation in reaction, or just falling asleep behind the wheel can cost someone their life.

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