What To Consider Before Firing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Someone that has submitted a personal injury claim has the right to retain a lawyer. Any good personal injury attorney schedules time for consulting with potential clients. During that consultation, the potential client should look for evidence that the consulted attorney is not someone that would fail to offer poor legal advice.

Possible reasons for a client’s desire to fire a lawyer

• Lawyer’s failure to pay close attention to the client’s case
• Attorney and client do not seem able to meet eye-to-eye
• Lawyer’s fees or costs prove to be unreasonably high
• Attorney’s grasp of the client’s case seems weak
• Attorney’s action or decision has resulted in a bad court ruling

Procedure that needs to be followed by client that is firing a lawyer

Read the lawyer’s contract; does it outline a procedure for the lawyer’s dismissal? If so, follow that procedure. It is best to hire a second or substitute injury lawyer in Corona.
Write a letter to the lawyer that has not met your expectations. Provide that attorney with the name of the just-hired attorney. Explain the nature of your complaint. Ask to be given the attorney’s case files.

Let the court know about the change. Be sure to do that in writing. Make arrangements to pay any fees that are owed to the fired lawyer. Lawyers have the right to sue a client that has failed to pay them an expected fee. Do not expect your case to remain unaffected by the change. Work closely with the newly hired attorney, in hopes of reducing the extent to which the case’s progress might have been slowed, or even reversed.

Match what you look for in a new lawyer with the factor that forced you to fire the previous attorney.

See what any of the consulted lawyers remember about previous cases. That could indicate how well they paid attention to each case. Lawyers that have not paid attention to other cases are not apt to pay attention to yours.

Does the consulted lawyer’s conversation suggest a readiness to reach a compromise? That could indicate an ability to meet a client eye-to-eye.

Be sure to get details on the lawyer’s fees. Also find out how costs will get covered.

Study the posted documents that reveal information on the attorney’s education. A better-educated attorney should be able to gain a good grasp of any case. Remember, though, it helps to hire one of the lawyers that specialize in the area of the law that relates to your claim/case.
Do some research, regarding the outcomes for other cases that the consulted lawyer was hired to handle in the past. If possible, learn what went wrong. Then decide whether or not you want to risk hiring that particular lawyer.

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