More About Dog Bite Laws In California

Most dogs are friendly and don’t bite. Some, however do (some like police dogs are trained to bite.) What do you do when your neighbor’s dog bites you? The first thing you can do is hire a personal injury lawyer.

Dog owners are liable

Personal injury lawyers know that dog owners are liable when their dogs bite others in California. This means that you can indeed press a personal injury lawsuit against your neighbor when you have been injured due to the attack by their dog. Since California has strict liability laws governing dog bites, there are very few exceptions to this rule. This is the case, if the bite occurred on public property or on private property,where the dog’s owner was invited onto the property by you.

Can you sue a dog walker for a dog bite?

Your personal injury lawyer in Vallejo will tell you that you generally cannot sue a dog walker for a dog bite unless of course, you can prove that the dog walker acted in a way to incite the dog bite. A good example would be the dog walker telling or encouraging the dog to bite you. However, you can certainly sue the dog’s owner for your bite even if he or she was not walking the dog at the time the bite occurred.

Exceptions to the rule

There are exceptions to every law on the books in California, and your personal injury lawyer will tell you that laws governing dog bites (in California) are no exception to this rule. For example, you are not eligible to sue a dog’s owner for biting you, if you were trespassing on the owner’s property at the time of the dog bite. In fact, the court may hold you responsible for any injuries the dog’s owner suffered when trying to get you off of his or her property.

The dog is also affected

California law deems dogs who bite people twice in 3 years dangerous and mandates that they are locked up. If the dog bite and kills a person, the dog is deemed to be vicious. He or she must be taken to animal control and euthanized.

You do have legal redress if a dog bites you, as per the laws of the state. You can indeed take legal action if a dog bites you. All you need to do is be familiar with the law governing dog bites in California. You also need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help defend you in court. Apart from that the lawyers can help calculate the amount that you can seek as compensation and will help you get justice.

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